Raven’s Nation!

We’d like to Welcome C.J. Mosley, Timmy Jernigan, Terrence Brooks, and Crockett Gillmore to the Baltimore Ravens!

We are PUMPED for the 2014 football season! Baltimore Cakery will be there whether you are eagerly awaiting preseason…

Sitting on the edge of your seat, with two minutes left in the 4th Quarter,

Or when we go ALL THE WAY–SUPERBOWL!!!!

Let’s go RAVENS! CAW!

Gender Reveal Cakes

Gender Reveal Cakes have been around for decades, but got a rebirth when they appeared on the Today Show in the summer of 2009. They are a fun way to find out what the gender of your baby is or to share the sex with your family!

As busy as OBGYN offices are, they are kind enough to play along! Here’s how it starts:

The new mom or dad drops off an envelope with the gender or the OBGYN office will call our studio with the gender. Then the new parents pick a design for the outside of the cake.

Some choose more traditional reveal cakes:


After the design is chosen, we bake the cake either pink or blue. Finally, its time to slice into the cake and find out whether you are having a boy or a girl! :)

Whether you like to keep with traditions or aim to be more non-traditional, we bake either types of gender reveal cakes! For those Alien fans out there, here is a “Facehugger” gender reveal cake:

Let’s hope we don’t have anymore “Facehuggers” on the loose!

Zippin’ Across The Country


Ginevra eating lunch on the Castel Trail, Badlands, South Dakota

Ginevra, our front end/web lady has just returned to  The Baltimore Cakery from an epic 4 1/2 week road trip across the country. Her 1990 Volkswagen Jetta is converted to run on Waste Vegetable Oil. Restaurants that fry food have eventually have waste oil. That oil is then collected, filtered and then used to run the car instead of diesel. It’s a dirty process but one lady’s garbage oil is another lady’s fuel! The funny thing about running a car on WVO is that cars on the highway behind Ginevra’s can smell whatever was originally cooked in the waste oil.

Ginevra’s car, “Zippy” traveled far and wide on the 8,000 mile road trip. From the foothills of The Green Mountains of Vermont, to the Great Plains of the Midwest. From rugged landscape of Badlands, South Dakota to Summit County in The Colorado Rockys. From the dry Mojave desert to the crystal blue Pacific Ocean.

Zippy in Badlands, South Dakota

Some highlights for Ginevra was hearing bugling elk while camping in the Black Hills of South Dakota, hiking to see the Delicate Arch in Utah, Seeing a full moon in the desert of Joshua Tree National Park, and visiting the Menil Collection and Cy Twombly Museum in Houston.

Here are some photos from Ginevra’s trip! Click to enlarge!

Ginevra feeding some fat prairie dogs


Bison, Badlands, South Dakota


Sun rising over The Badlands

Canyon Pass in Southern Utah

Summity County, Colorado

Colorado River in Utah

Ginevra at the top of a Canyon on the Colorado River, Utah

Arches National Park, Utah

Delicate Arch Trail, Arches National Park, Utah

The Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Utah

Joshua Tree, National Park, Utah

The Route

Thanks for reading! Living life and traveling in low impact, earth friendly, way is important to Ginevra and The Baltimore Cakery! If you have any questions about WVO cars please comment below. We’re looking forward to an exciting and busy cake season and have lots of updates and news so keep checking back :)

Clay Figures, Black Tie cake and Paper Flowers cake

We’re now making Natty Boh and Utz Girls out of clay so they can be saved as keepsakes! We recently did this Natty Boh and Utz girl to resemble the bride and groom with their dog. How cute!








A Beautiful Black Tie cake adorned with ribbon, crystals and gum paste flowers.








We had a great time creating this beautiful flower cake that mimics paper flowers!








Thanks for reading and keeping checking back for more pictures and upcoming specials and deals!

Early Summer Wedding Cakes

Early in June we had a wonderful week of Purple.






















A Beautiful Dragonfly Wedding cake













Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out some of our newest cakes! Keeping checking back for more!

Choosing the Perfect Cake Flavor

So…how do you pair cake with a meal? I’ve been doing some research on the topic of food pairing and apparently there’s a real science to it. It’s a new wave culinary technique that differs from pairing wine with food. It involves the sharing of major volatile molecules, aroma compounds, the use of gas chormatography…uhhhh, what???








Ok, ok, I know – there are heaps of things to take into consideration when picking a cake flavor and scientific structure is the last thing you’re thinking about. And I’ll tell you what, I’m no food scientist. But with some guidance from the pros I’ve created some delicious meal ideas that go hand-in-hand with our signature cake flavors.

Here are a few helpful tips to guide you in your own food pairing. Start at the beginning with drinks and food. When you’re deciding on what food to have on your very special day, or even your very special dinner party a good thing to think about is what fruits and veggies are in season. From there pick things that complement the fresh produce you just grabbed and your type of event. Here’s a little produce guide to start our journey:

Seasonal Produce:

Spring - Morels, Asparagus, Strawberry, Green Beans, Artichoke

Summer – Bell Pepper, Beet, Peaches, Tomato, Blueberry, Eggplant, Summer Squash

Fall – Butternut Squash, Brussels Sprouts, Cranberries, Pear, Apple.

Winter – Fennel, Clementines, Grape Fruit, Kale, Collard Greens.

Rich cakes are great show stoppers for fall or winter weddings. If you’re having an outdoor event this summer a more delicate flavor might suit for your guests taste buds. The season is just one factor to keep in mind when deciding on what cake flavor to go with. Depending on your meal you might want to choose a complex or simple flavor, fruity or spiced.

A great things to do is to try making a meal at home and grab a slice of your favorite cake ($2 a slice) or a 9in round cake ($18) and do a test run!! Maybe peanut noodles would go great with Cannoli cream? You never know until you try!

After you’ve decided on the horderves, cocktails and main course (or wings, beers and pulled pork sandwiches) – think about which direction you want to take your mouth (and guests) next.

Here are a few ideas I came up with:

Our Newest signature flavors The Vigilant, a chocolate cinnamon cake with cardamom mousse filling is a rich and luxurious. This cake would be perfect for a fall or winter wedding. I’m thinking – Hot toddies, Cranberry sauce, Roasted Duck with Cabbage with Potatoes.

Purple Passion chocolate cake with dark chocolate passion fruit ganache filling. early spring cake. To start mango salsa with corn chips, pupusas.  Salad made up of simply heirloom tomatoes, onion and avocado make an easy yet addicting side dish (don’t forget the salt and pepper!) With a Fajita platter as the main course.







Lady in Satin Vanilla Cake layers filled and iced with our satiny smooth buttercream. The classic wedding cake. Perfect for any season. This delicate cake would pair great with mimosas and coffee after an early Brunch Reception of pastries, bagels with smoked salmon, fresh fruit, omelets and fancy cheese.

Peaches-B-Demented Peach cake layers filled with ginger mousse iced with buttercream and garnished with wasabi croquants. *For those who dislike wasabi we can leave out the “demented.” This would be a decedent Winter Wedding Cake. I’m thinking, ham, scalloped potatoes, butternut squash and green Been casserole.

The Raven Rich Chocolate cake layers filled and iced with ganache flavored with a hint of absinthe. We want your feedback! What meal do you think goes best with chocolate cake?

Nest of Pirates Spicy rum and coconut cake layers filled with mango mousse and iced with buttercream. This cake is a perfect summer cake. It’s light but dramatic, fruity yet creamy. Having your event at Cape Cod? On the beach? I’m thinking oysters to start with bruschetta. Pasta Primavera and Mojitos.

Little Italy Cinnamon cake layers filled with cannoli cream and iced with our cream cheese and cannoli cream combination. Personally, I think this is one of our most versatile cakes. It’s also one of our top sellers. Originally I thought this cake would be perfect after a heavy meal. I was going to stick to its roots and pair it with a traditional Italian meal. BUT, we just had a customer in who said this would be perfect for an early afternoon event. Of course! An afternoon tea party with spritzers, finger foods and tea sandwiches? YES!

Rockets Red Glare Red velvet cake layers with chocolate chips baked into layers  filled and iced with cream cheese frosting. Sometimes you just need to live a little. What better way to live then with some good old southern cooking? Cajun Jambalaya, corn bread, collard greens.

Number 8 Pear cake layers filled with gold ribbons of fleur de sel caramel and iced with our buttercream icing. Perfect for an afternoon of tasting wines, pickled cucumber and cheese platters.

Dem O’s Chocolate cake layers filled with a layer of cookies and cream buttercream and a layer of chocolate ganache, then iced with buttercream. I love the idea of having an oreo’s cake at a fancy reception. Turning the American snack cookie into a classy cake is a revolutionary idea. Start things of with Champagne and finger foods as your guests chit and chat about the ceremony. Then move into the grand ballroom for the min course, which would be Filet Mignon Au Bordelaise (Steak in red wine with shallots) Potato Gratins, Broccoli and fresh local bread.

Pink Flamingo Pink lemonade cake layers filled with our signature Pink Flamingo Pie filling and iced with real whipped cream. I love that the Pink Flamingo comes after the most fancy meal idea I had. Laid back backyard BBQ. Beers and Spiked punch! Start off with Pasta salad, Waldorf salad and carrots with dip.  Burgers, dogs, grilled veggies. Your uncle hanging out in a kiddie pool. You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

Minnie the Mocha Chocolate cake layers filled with espresso buttercream and iced with our chocolate buttercream. An elegant yet simple event. Chocolate espresso cake goes hand in hand with a classy evening of cordials and coffee.

Pleasant Living Spice cake layers filled with our Pleasant Living Pie filling and ice with buttercream. A perfect fall cake. Mulled Cider, roasted chicken, rosemary potatoes, fresh rolls or grandma’s biscuit recipe.

Lady Balti Mo’ Burnt sugar vanilla cake layers filled with our champagne, fig and pecan conserve and iced with buttercream. Late Summer Cake. Salad – Walnuts, Arugula, Vermont chev cheese. Seared Tuna cooked in sesame oil, ginger and soy sauce with asparagus and dill potatoes.

Greg St. Pierre’s Gemini Summer Party

This past weekend The Baltimore Cakery had the pleasure of creating a surprise cake for Greg St. Pierre‘s Birthday Bash. Greg, better known as GSP is a Media Production Specialist and Visual Artist based in Baltimore. His projections have dawned the stage of many contemporary musicians, Teeth Mountain, Prince Rama and Dan Deacon to name a few. GSP was most recently jet-setting around Europe with the band Animal Collective and will be working on media production for Francis Ford Coppola’s upcoming film Twixt Now and Sunrise.

The party was truly fit for a GS-Prince.

Right when I walked in with the cake, snippets of basketball games were being projected on the walls. Hundreds of party-goers danced until the wee-hours of the morning to various cool DJs. Family of Love, The Schwarz and Teeth Mountain. ]GSP really does know how to throw a party.

The cake was a hit! A Basketball draped in a gold chain with a G$P pendant and a few Natty Boh caps to the side. The flavor we chose? Peaches B Demented.

Thanks for reading everyone and Happy Birthday Greg!